Sunday, 4 September 2016

Travel: To Know Your Destiny

I chased the football to last defender after being passed by Goal keeper. My pressing forced him to go hitting the ball out of play but it hit me, I controlled the ball, took few steps forward & looked Goal Keeper is running towards me, I took a step right and curled the ball into the nets. Goal! You will be thinking that this article will be about some football tactics but this was occasion when I finally did what I wanted to do in my mind. It was of moment of peace when I took the right decision rather than hitting ball straight into the keeper I used to do often.

The point is what how I did this when I was trying to do for quiet few months. What has changed between now and then? The answer is clarity and peace in the mind. I work in a public utility department and have to deal with daily public pressure and emergency tasks for past 2 years. I have adopted into the environment when you are in urgency mode all the time. You have to take decisions at the moments and response quick as you don’t to be reason for the late proceedings. In the run so, you become habituated to react quick and in hurry always. For being in the environment, you integrate the earnestness in your life, character and daily base proceedings. The things seem good from the outside; you being appreciated by seniors, you become a dependable person in the eyes of higher ranks and more trust is placed on your shoulders. They overlook the capabilities of the mental and physical aspects of your personality. As the world says in professional enviro, you will be judged on outcomes results but when you fail, you will be held responsible and punished. They don’t care about the timespan for how long you are into this stress, depression and breakout feelings. If you fail, it’s your failure on capabilities as well as character. Trust me; anything can come out of mouth when you are teased for the efficiency of your work. It doesn’t matter, once you lose it you are all done in the eyes of senior ranks. That’s the modern era fiasco of the employees all over the world.

Coming back to the goal, how I scored it. You know it but you didn’t know why I was so clear in my intentions. The reason behind is that I just had a wonderful trip to Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. I read in some context that once you are away from your natural habitat for ten days, you actually retuned your mind, energy and life goals. There was so much to think, learn and enjoy that it changes the perspective of your life. You actually learn the importance of bond between you and fellow travel companions. It is matter of fact that there are often fights during the travelling though it didn’t happen in my case. The reasons being are you are vulnerable to my things from financial issue to privacy to demands of excitements. There will be companions who want to see it all and there is who want to just look and enjoy the present atmosphere. There will some always in hurry for more and there will some to enjoy what they got but keep in mind, there is no right or wrong. You have to deal with it and the best way is to talk and agree.

Finally, moments will come on the way when whole your life goes through eyes. Some moments will growl your past and some moment woof your wishes for the future. In between both, you will be considering and deciding your life forward. The time can’t be moved fast or slow but your decisions will determine the pace of your life whether you want to run for the things and achieve it soon or let the wishes come true with time, because only thing to achieve goals are hard work and eye to opportunities. That’s why they said keep it slow.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Child Abuse: See it, Hear it, Report it!

Most of us started noticing the pages and links on our sponsored Facebook timeline sharing the stories of child molesting (mostly girls). I am well aware that this issue is like a tumor in our society and must be talked. There must be awareness programs regarding child molesting from ground level (mainly primary schools, meetings with parents and group discussion) to national campaign. These sponsored links are not spreading the alertness of the issue instead promoting the vulgarity, sex stories and endorsing the intimacy. There is never ever a strong message concerning stopping and fighting spirit by the victim. They are telling every single minor detail of the incident (or say they creating up the stories) and script the juicy lines so they could upsurge their page ratings or endorse the ads. I strongly condemned these pages and actions must be taken to stop and ban the pages and links. Questions will be raised what should be done instead.
There are NGOs and social awareness groups who are encouraging the clear messages and instructions for ending the child abuse. Sex Education must be compulsory in the secondary school, Parents Teacher meeting must be held in primary school educating to look over their children, analyzing their behavior, their sleep routine, their interest on television & teaching them that no one is allowed to touch their body and private parts without their permission and when anybody do so is a offender and they must tell their parents no matter what the other person say or threatened to. Their parents will be their ultimate shield. The problem in our culture and religious structure in Pakistan is such that this issue is still considered as taboo and people avoid discussing. This cultural and religious restriction has sparked the evil side in people of this region. There are several issues to be addressed like delaying marriage of adults just parent's don’t think he/she isn’t financially steady. The intimacies among our youth are high, and its fact that you just couldn't stop it by banning porn websites.  The Prophet once said to us, 'O young people (يا معشر الشباب)! Whoever among you is able to marry, should marry, and whoever is not able to marry, is recommended to fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual power. 

Beside these duties of parents and adults, the government should act upon on this matter. We appreciate the stand that government took against terrorist after the Peshawar Army School incident, same kind of response must be taken against these psychopathic criminals who are involved in child molesting and there are numerous stories regarding child molesting and rape print in our newspapers. The crime and punishment committed should not be hidden but presented as the symbol to fight against the child molesting and eradicate this tumor in our societies. We have seen headlines that people arrested for raping four year old child but never heard what punishment was given to him. 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Rainbow Flag for Pakistan?

No other news has drastic impact to countries miles away from each other than the news of American Courts to legalize the same gender marriage. It was the historic moment for United States of America but on other hand it’s complete opposite to nature law. As a Muslim and part of an Islamic state it will be always difficult to accept the law but it's not our right to object the law of the other state and a civilization who rules aren't subjected to religious certainties. May be for atheists it's very easy to accept to change of nature law.  Being a liberal, I would have accepted this but even liberalism has its limit and that's when religion comes in. To me, religion isn't just about prayers and hoping to get place in heaven after life. It's about restrictive the human beings from becoming evil spirit and oppose the nature. Nature always takes its revenge in form of climactic change, natural disasters or any form. Nature is supreme authority, legalizing gay marriages will definitely affect the human race medically, mentally and governance wise and time will tell its effect on American Evolution in future. Yet being right or wrong about the issue, I couldn't deny the struggle for this movement. They have achieved something of phenomenon in present society. Keeping aside their natural desires, it's a movement showed to the world that humans are so influential beyond government restrictions, law and enforcement that if there is true wish to accomplish something they will acquire it. If marginally few numbers of people could achieve this accomplishment that are neglected by society and seen differently then why there is no rise and protest in Pakistan for numerous reasons from load shedding to terrorism, Minority genocide to sectarianism genocide (Shia & Ahmadis), Woman Rights to child labor, educational issue to health issues, and many more. If LGBT movement can raise rainbow flag in America then there should be a distinct flag in each and every street of Pakistan to stand against the discrimination of human rights from day Pakistan came into existence.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Assignment 0: Motion Planning Experiments

Question No. 1:
Write an algorithm for ‘Person 1, looking at Person 2 with eyes closed, directs Person 2 through obstacle
We are assuming Right Priority. Furthermore, constructing a function for person 1 walking towards goal through obstacles and after that person 2 follows person 1 upon call.
Person  1 walks through Obstacles
Person 1 looking to goal
Move forward
%% Obstacle detected

Rotate 90 degrees right
Follow obstacle
Direct towards goal
%% Obstacle detected
Rotate 90 degrees right
Follow obstacle
Direct towards goal
Reach goal
Person 1 call person 2
Person 1 walks through obstacles

Question 2:
Write an algorithm for person 1 looking an object, guides person 2 whose eyes are closed to grab an obstacle
Person 1 calls person 2
Move forward
%% Obstacle detected
Rotate 90 degrees right
Follow obstacle
Directs towards goal/Object
Pick up the object
Question 3:

Monday, 22 December 2014

Donot Venture Forth If You're Going To Judge.

There is not enough gas coming in and consequently, I was forced to fry my egg in the microwave. And that too quite successfully, I may add, except that it tasted like a boiled one. Dado is flying in this Saturday and I'll have to move upstairs in this cold. Yesterday, I mustered up all my will power and finally decided to bathe, thanked God that Nani has solar geysers in our house but guess what? The water was not warm enough, to which Mom said; "Haan tou sooraj kon sa araha hai?" Point to be noted before I feel any inclination to take a shower.

And all my classmates here insist  that they love winters, and that too in quite a boasting manner.

Considering how hot the summers are in Faisalabad and that there is no electricity and that one has to take three showers a day even though she wants to conserve water and is hydrophobic, I kind of agree with them. But that won't stop my fingers turned into like carrot sticks while I type, now will it?

And it's going to be 2015 soon and I was thinking that everyone should make their (hahaa) new year resolution, not because it will inspire you to be a better person in the upcoming year but because it will save you from the boredom monster that has been attacking me since the past two days. I've turned into such a stalker and triumph came on the discovery of  a senior's blog back when he was fifteen years old. Such a kewl blog, I may add. Let's break dance, mate. Also I've assumed my role of Solution Aunty again, playing the mediator. A batch mate keeps on messaging me on Facebook yesterday about how it is her birthday tomorrow and that how nice it would be if she get a birthday surprise from us. The last year at school and giving birthday surprises to everyone and all that stuff. We've been planning so many birthdays that it's not much of a surprise anymore.

After eating parathas for almost two weeks while Ammi went to Karachi without taking me and Nani force feeding me  saag and the paratha, I think I've finally made peace with them. I want to learn how to swear in Punjabi. Or maybe, not. My egg language would suffice.
All the tickets for Anwar Maqsood Ka Dharna have been sold out except for 29 December and Ammi still hasn't agreed to take me to Lahore. Sed story, bro. She should pity me and consider the fact that I missed Karachi Literature Festival and Faisalabad Literature Festival (because a friend kept on insisting it was only for the faculty members). A shame, I know.
Anyways till I have nothing left to blab about, I'm out. Anyways I can always my Twitter timeline if something new comes up, which I doubt ever will.
Allah Hafiz

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Beauty In Life.

"The advantage of being freak is that it makes you strong. But the question is, how strong do you want her to be?"
Can we just pause for a moment and appreciate how great House is? And that man is just too awesome.

So I'd been planning to change the readers of the blog for good.

But I assure you, you will be changed for better if not best. I aim to shift your paradigm and to broaden your spectrum (I hope nobody's a Tahir Shah fan out there) and perspective. Hopefully I'll change your outlook at simple things and you won't take simple things in your life for granted. You'll cherish each and every moment. People should learn to appreciate small moments of joy. You should register small moments of happiness and peace because as they say, "Kia pata kal kia hojai." (For all those who don't understand Urdu, well now's a good time to learn because you aren't getting any translation)
So coming back to changing you ungrateful bunch of humans. You may wonder that what magic I possess to perform such a difficult task.
Well we'll start with a really simple and a basic thing and later we'll work up to the next level and so on.
The above statement clearly shows that I'll be one hell of a teacher.
So how many of you eat eggs?
Ok, forget that, how many of you take eggs for granted or worse think that eggs are disgusting?

Well then don't expect me to be okay with it because you're all idiots.
Do you know that a normal person consumes around 173 eggs a year?
Concentrate on the word normal.

Have you ever appreciated eggs knowing the fact that you can't really bake a cake without breaking a few eggs?

And how about this?

But maybe it is too gross for you, no?

Without eggs you can't savour the bite of the cheesy slice of pizza because I think (and I'm usually right) eggs are used in pizza dough, so no pizzas for you anymore, pansy cake.

Stick to kaddu ka salan, next time you want to eat something.

And added to that, you can't enjoy the peanut butter sandwich, Nutella sandwich or any other kind of sandwich because yes, you guessed it right. Eggs are used in bread.

Haha and I just discovered that you can't have that cool scoop of icecream. No little insolent brat, no more ice cream for you.
 Suffer in silence.

Enough with the Googling, I don't expect you to grab the reality this fast but I'm hoping you won't disregard eggmazing things.
Added to the foodie business, eggs serve another great purpose and no I'm not referring to beauty tips. I have no plan to teach you about how to make your skin slippery like an egg white.
Instead I'm here to present you and introduce you with my egg-celent approach to cursing without seeming to be abusive. Next time you want to shout and curse anyone, you can call them a various number of things instead of that boring eff word.
Here you go, and make sure to keep your lolling tongue inside.
Aloo Anday Piyaaz
Koftay Anday
Ublay hoay Anday.

You can come up with some of your own. Stop counting on me for everything.
And stop being such an egg.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Unconscious Belief

If I were to tell you my inspiration for this article, you might be a bit surprised. The other day at my office, the people started up a random discussion, which basically went along the lines of, "If you knew that you're going to die in a few hours and that you're going to hell for certain, would you kill everyone you hate?"

Most people said yes. Some people asked how much time they exactly had, as so to decide whether they could kill slowly and painfully or not. Some started wondering what would happen if they met the very person(s) they killed in hell later. But you get the general response.

I had my diplomatic answer of "I'd rather use the time to tell my loved ones that I love them" ready, but as it turns out, nobody really cares about interns.

Anyway, this question led my mind to wander along a trail weaved with reminiscence and deep thought. I remembered certain occasions where some particular friends had proclaimed things like, “Yaar hum to pakkay dozakhi hain”, and, “We're already going to hell anyway, so might as well”. If they are so sure of their state-of-affairs in the afterlife, will they start killing everyone they hate a few hours from their death?

Somehow, I think that even if they had some way of extracting knowledge about the time of their deaths, some certain people I could name but won't would still be safe.

The obvious question at this point is, how come? If a person truly believes that he will go to hell regardless of whatever he does, I'm sure he would cease to care about a lot of things. But while you may come across many people who have a firm belief that hell is indeed the only place for them in the afterlife, they still abstain from utter indifference. The reason being, they don't really believe that will end up in hell. And why? Because,

He is the Most Merciful, and the Most Beneficent.

I personally believe that such apparently hopeless people; or any of us, for that matter; don't truly believe that they will end up in hell, despite of all the sins they may have committed and may continue to do so. It is a fact we just cannot come to terms with, because there is still that small smidgen of hope, based on the infinite mercy of Allah, that we shall be forgiven on the Day of Judgment; that things will somehow work out, and that we can escape the unimaginable horror that awaits the non-believers. Allah is the All Powerful and the All Merciful; in Him we trust.

However, there could be a negative aspect to this too. If this really is the reason and this unrealized-to-most belief really does exist, some people might take this a tad too far, and continue to commit all sorts of wrongs and sins regardless, and simply shrug it off saying, 'Allah maaf karnay wala hai yaar'. I have seen this happen many times and while it's good to have this firm a belief in His mercy, you surely aren't earning yourself any favors by continuing to commit these wrongdoings, whatever they may be. Allah may be prepared to overlook these acts, but why not try giving Him a reason to do so? And what better time for a change of habit(s) than the holy month of Ramazan? 

Of course, this all may be baloney and may not make a lot of sense, if 
any at all since it is currently 5 in the morning and I wrote this simply because I felt like writing and nothing else came to mind, but as long as it may serve a good purpose, what's the harm?